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Who we are

Grupo Hacienda, LLC (G.H.) is dedicated to the importation, distribution, promotion, positioning and overall commercialization of Hispanic products in the United States.

Grupo Hacienda offers the most personalized distribution, marketing and promotional services for Hispanic products, that offer the highest quality and the most competitive pricing.

Grupo Hacienda is a rapid sales, full service marketing, brand building, consulting and logistical company. We achieve all of our successes in a fast efficient and cost effective manner, thus allowing our clients to achieve maximum potential return on investment.



Grupo Hacienda has performed qualitative and quantitative research studies on the U.S. Hispanic target market and has the know-how and expertise on how to get to the heart of the Hispanic consumer.

Grupo Hacienda has made direct contact efforts with consumers in retail stores by designing and distributing promotional material, launching POP campaigns, doing in-store samplings and door-to-door distribution of promotional material and coupons.

Grupo Hacienda has managed marketing and promotional campaigns, organized and participated in expos, festivals, grass-roots events, outdoor marketing, external media and radio spots campaigns.


Our Vision at Grupo Hacienda

We want to become a marketing, distribution and importing leader of Hispanic products in the United States,  by specializing in the commercialization, promotion, and research of hispanic products and overall market, by offering superior standards of quality in all the services provided, and by ultimately surpassing our customers’ expectations.