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History of Mezcal

Mezcal_Guerrero_DistributorMEZCAL: = Náhuatl Mexcalli, metl ‘maguey’ y ixcalli ‘cocido

One frequent question is the difference between mezcal and tequila, the answer is very simple.
Tequila is a Mezcal.
Tequila has restricted its DNA to one agave only (Blue Tequilana Weber), while the mezcal is a quite inclusive project that allows to blend an extense variety of agave plants.
Espadin (most common in Mezcal) is one of the most ancient agaves and very docile to man (similar to the tequilana weber…)

Mezcal is elaborated with the “piña”/agave heart. When the plant reaches its maturity (6 to 30 years depending on the soil conditions and agave types), it is harvested and the pines are removed, leaving a sole agave heart of “piña”

This is the stone-lined pit in which the agave piñas will be roasted. First a ␣re is started in the base of the pit, with river stones placed on top. When the rocks are red-hot, the piñas, which have been cut in half or in quarters, are placed in the pit. The whole thing is then covered with agave leaves and ␣ber and straw mats, piled up with earth and left to roast for four days.

When four days have passed, the roasted piñas are removed from the pit. The roasted agave is sweet and it’s often sold in markets in Mexico in chunks to be eaten. The tough ␣ber is chewed, then discarded.
The roasted agave is crushed at a special grinding mill with a stone wheel pulled by a horse or mule. After the agave is crushed, it is placed in wooden barrels with water and left to ferment for several days.

After the fermentation, the mash is distilled. The ␣rst distillation yields low-grade alcohol. The ␣bers are then removed from the still and the alcohol from the ␣rst distillation is distilled a second time.

One of the virtues of Mezcal is that it trends to be an organic spirit due to the high resistance towards harsh weather conditions (droughts, ␣oods, frosts). Notveryoftenisattackedby plague if given the proper cares by the peasants

Espadin ( the most popular )

Since ancient times, mexicans have lived within magical rituals where the soul merges with their sacred beliefs.Mezcal and other Agave Distilled spirits have always enhanced this magical moments.

To enjoy premium Mezcal
1. Rub a bit of the spirit between your hands, wait a couple of seconds… a “cooked agave” scent must remain.
2. Traditionally is served in a “jicara”, (small bowl made out of pumpkin peel). Though you usually serve it in small glasses that used to enclose candles “veladoras”.
3. Watch the transparent “pearls” that appear when serving it.
4. Sense the aromas before tasting it. Recognize the notes you previously spotted.
5. Sip a small bit. Rinse your mouth during 5 seconds. It will cleanse your mouth and prepare your throat and palate for the experience.
6. Continue sipping it smoothly. The ␣avours that return from the stomach are the ␣nest and more exquisite ones.